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You've never had a friend like this in the public relations and marketing arena.  As the primary partner and owner of 3 Amigos, Doug Jardine believes there is nothing more important that finding and keeping great friends.

Doug is a 19-year veteran of broadcast journalism, media relations and corporate marketing strategies.  His award-winning broadcast news career includes travels to many parts of the world.  Doug won honors in Spot News, Feature Reporting and a Regional Emmy for In-depth reporting. Doug also has several “behind the camera awards” for editing, writing and producing.

In 1994, Doug left television news and entered the world of corporate communications.  As Director, Media Relations for Huntsman Corporation, the nation’s largest privately-held chemical company, Doug worked with local, national and international media.  He was responsible for corporate video presentations, marketing and advertising strategies and for increasing Huntsman's worldwide name recognition.  

“I want you to know we can do everything we promise, and with superior quality every single time.  It was always my goal to own a public relations and marketing company where the customer really does come first.  If I’m not doing this for you, there is really no success for the company.  I suppose I’m the main ‘amigo,’ my co-workers are the second amigo and every time a new customer joins our family as a partner, that customer immediately becomes the third amigo.  Far fetched?….I don’t think so.  I believe there is plenty of room left in the public relations/marketing field for customers to feel like their best amigos are those working to make sure we all succeed together.  Our greatest success is to watch you grow and all of us at 3 Amigos sincerely want to see that happen.”

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